NaviGuiding Platform.

A company offering unique digital guiding opportunites to enhance your product needs on smart phone's and mobile tablets to excite your customers. Our Production and App development teams can advise, create, develope and launch an App that suits your interactive digital mobile requirements. Our production teams offer editorial and translation expertise to provide you with a larger customer audience. You simply send us your scripts, translations and images and we do the rest. Your App support will be maintained by Caddiesoft AS.

Point's of Interest.

The product information database stores information based on a concept called 'POI' 'Points of Interest' to discover, research and script interesting information using GPS coordinates to trigger the presentations when the NG softwere detects the GPS postion to the POI' programmed coordinates. 'Presentations in synchronised audio, text and imagery are presented are in a storytelling format' to promote and maintain the desire to learn.

In the News.

Nominert til innovasjonspris.
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Naviguiding er kåret til det fjerde beste innovasjonsprosjektet i Norden. Nå vil de til New York og Taiwan.
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Naviguiding – “geotracking og storytelling”
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Tilbyr digitale informasjonstjenester til den søkende turist.
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Tromsøbedriften NaviGuiding har fått offentlig støtte fra Innovasjon Norge og SkatteFUNN til et GPS-prosjekt i reiselivsnæringen.
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Download the NG App for Android.

Our App can be downloaded from Google Play Store with tourist routes of Tromsø, Kvaløya and Lyngen areas. Language choices are Norwegian, English, Germand and Japanese. Simply open up the Play Store and search for Naviguiding.

Investor Opportunites.

For more information about investor opportunites contact Belinda Andersen mob: 00 47 48 04 50 22.

About us.

Belinda Andersen
Mob: 00 47 991 15 021
Twitter: belindaandersen

Video Archive.

Nordic Tourism investment Forum, Stockholm. Presentation by Belinda Andersen NGAS.

TROMSØ (TV 2 Nyhetene): Ny norsk teknologi kan erstatte turistguidene på busser, ferjer og skip. Torsdag ble GPS-guiding presentert i Tromsø. Video >